Communication training for sales and management

Use effective language patterns to purposefully influence the behaviour of your clients and your employees.

The old game of proof and evidence has actually lost most of its effect. It’s far more efficient – and effective! – to work with underlying, subconscious motivation triggers. Those are directly connected to emotion and are thus a lot harder to refute than facts alone.

Learn how to use the LAB Profile® to identify the situational motivation triggers of your counterparts. And how to purposefully address them with influencing language.

Trainings and consulting for more success in sales and leadership

Sales Process

  • Sales Process Definition
  • Sales Playbook Creation
  • Targeted Training

Effective Communication
for Executives

Wirkungsvolle Gesprächsführung
  • LAB Profile® basics
  • Effective communication
  • Increase overall productivity


Ergebnisorientierte Gesprächsführung
  • LAB Profile® basics
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Achieve results more quickly


Verkaufsoptimierte Gesprächsführung
  • LAB Profile® basics
  • 8 motivation triggers for sales
  • More sales in shorter time

LAB Profile® (Language & Behavior Profile): The Power of Words

The LAB Profile® helps you to quickly reveal underlying situational subconscious drivers and motivation triggers of your counterparts. Use influencing language patterns to effectively and purposefully influence the behaviour of your customers and employees.

The LAB Profile® is an easy to learn method. Once acquired you can sustainably boost the effect of your arguments in sales and leadership.


Free E-Book „The Power of Words – Use the right words to sell more“

You want to know more? And how to use this method in sales?
Then read my free E-Book “The Power of Words – Use the right words to sell more”

Learn how to

  • Identify your customers motivation and decision triggers
  • Purposefully influence the behaviour of your customers
  • How to sell more in shorter time

Why our customers trust us

  • Certified LAB Profile® trainers and coaches
  • Proven methods and state-of-the-art process design
  • Applicable to any kind of business
  • Training and solution design specific to your needs
  • Concrete solutions and tools
  • 20+ years of experience
  • Trainings around the globe


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