Business Case for digital Learning

How does your business case look like from a customer perspective? How will you benefit from our digital concept compared to classical onsite training – in terms of money?

Business Case 1: cost savings

Pure onsite training forces you to take your sales reps off the street for training. Let´s do a simple example:

  • 30 sales reps to train, this is 2 groups
  • 4 days of training per group, resulting in 8 days of training
  • Per diem rate for the external trainer: € 2.400,-
  • € 500.000,- annual target revenue per sales rep with 225 labour days per year. This means € 2.222,- lost sales per day per sales rep. These costs are often underestimated or even neglected completely!

All this results in the following costs for pure onsite training:

Cost Calculation Sum total
External Trainer 8 x € 2.400,- € 19.200,-
Logistics costs 30 people x 4 days x € 100,- € 12.000,-
Lost Revenue 30 people x 4 days x € 2.222,- € 266.640,-
Total Cost   € 297.840,-

Compared with the cost for our Blended Learning Concept (2 days online, 2 days onsite):

Cost CalCulation Sum total
External Trainer 4 x € 2.400,- (2 days each for 2 groups) € 9.600,-
Logistics costs 30 people x 2 days x € 100,- € 6.000,-
Costs for online course 30 people x € 400,- € 12.000,-
Lost Revenue 30 people x 2 days x € 2.222,- € 133.320,-
Total Cost   € 160.920,-
Cost Savings By applying our digital concept € 136.920,-

And by the way: even if you don´t calculate lost revenue, you still save € 3.600,-.

If you then take into account all the other benefits of digital learning, there´s nothing left that should keep you from chosing our concept.

Don´t hesitate to call us anytime. We will together with you set up your digital learning program speifically designed to your needs.

Business Case 2: quicker Onboarding of new hires

Basic onboarding time:

Onoarding time after digitalization:

Monthly target revenue:

9 months

7 months*

€ 50.000,-

* Average projects show higher potential, but let´s be conservative.

For simplicity reasons we assume that we have a linear revenue increase throughout the entire onboarding time.

Now what´s your benefit per new hire in sales? We can easily calculate that by comparing the total sales volume throughout the first 9 months (the basic onboarding time). When onboarding is completed sales volume will be the same in both cases.

Revenue for basic onboarding time (9 months):

9 months x € 25.000,- (avarage monthly sales volume for linear revenue increase): € 225.000,-

Revenue for new onboarding time (7 months):

7 months x € 25.000,- avarage monthly sales volume for linear revenue increase): € 175.000,-
2 months x € 50.000,- (starting with month #8 the sales rep is fully productive): € 100.000,-
Total sales for 9 months: € 275.000,-

You achieve additional revenue of € 50.000,- per new hire in sales!

Now do the maths for your company. You just need to fill in the following data:

  • How many onboardings in sales do you have per year?
  • What is the target revenue per month?
  • How long is your onboarding time?
  • And then cut this time by 20 – 50%.

There´s a huge potential for additional revenue and profit, isn´t it? And we can help you really generate this additional profit.

Just give us a call! We will together with you set up your new digital onboarding system, increasing your revenue and profit.