Verkaufsoptimierte Gesprächsführung

Sales-optimized conversations with the LAB Profile®

Do you ever have the feeling there’s more money to be made? Even though your sales staff has been through numerous trainings? Client typology, objection handling, closing techniques, etc. –

Why didn’t those bring you the desired result? Easy: One-size-fits-all sales methods do not work. Every person is different, acts differently, has different needs.

Sales reps need to pinpoint their counterpart’s individual, personal triggers. Only then can they match their behaviour to the client’s for a more effectual approach.

The best way to do so is via speech patterns; speech patterns reveal underlying drivers and triggers. By then matching your own speech patterns to the client, you will affect both their motivation and their emotion. And eventually influence client behaviour in a positive way.

The LAB Profile® enriches existing sales processes and techniques, every step of the way. Rather than transforming your sales reps into one-size-fits-all automatons, it boosts their arguments and tools. Your sales reps stay authentic!

Content “Sales-optimized conversations with the LAB Profile®”:

  • LAB Profile® (Language & Behaviour Profile) basics
  • Recognizing emotive words and motivational triggers
  • Enhancing questioning techniques with needs and goals analyses
  • Enhancing argument success with “Effective Language”
  • Compelling presentations
  • Presentations and arguments for wary clients
  • Results-oriented client Q&As and objection handling
  • Preparing and planning for negotiations and closure discussions

8 essential sales topics:

Erfolgreicher Verkauf

What is important to my client in this context? How do I recognize and utilize their individual quality criteria and drivers?

What compels my client to act? Are they working towards a goal or are they looking to solve a problem?

Is my client looking for alternatives and flexible options? Or do they feel more comfortable with established rules and processes?

Does my client insist on making up their own mind on offers and proposals? Or do they need suggestions, references, certificates, etc. before they can make a decision?

How does my client react to change? Are they motivated by the search for something new or a better “same”? How do I phrase my arguments accordingly?

Does my client take initiative or do I need to prompt them into action?

How extensive does the information need to be? How do I best structure it to guarantee optimum processing and retention?

How does my client make a decision based on the information they have? How can I best support them in this decision-making process?

Your benefit:

  • Fast track to relevant information

  • Tailor your offer more accurately to client needs; spell it out in strong, convincing presentations

  • Better performance in discussions and negotiations

  • Quick and more reliable route to success


More sales within a shorter period of time
Less idling
Capacity increase, for example for customer aquisition
More sales success!

Training structure:

  • Preliminary, face-to-face discussion of targets and framework
  • Adaption of training content to targets and participants
  • Custom scripts (co-branded if desired)
  • Checklists and preparation documents for training exercises

Recommended duration: 5 to 6 days (3×2 days or 2×3 or 6×1)
Recommended number of participants: 8 to 12